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Does the doctor have to do the online meeting?

We offer videos with voice over instead of online meetings for most cases. If the case is complex, let’s do a meeting otherwise, please request a video plan when uploading your case.

I have a meeting but I don’t know who with?

Call or email us and we’ll let you know. You can also give us a ring. We just need the patient and doctor’s name.

I want to schedule my implant planning session

We’ll need to see if the case is ready for a meeting. It is best to give Customer Service a call to inquire.

IF this is a CHROME case, you will receive an email when the case is ready for the planning meeting and in the email there is a link to the schedule online. The emails arrive in the evening. These emails only go out if we have all the records, and only after we spend 2-3 days preparing the case for the meeting. What is the best email address for this, and I’ll make sure we have it in the right place: LT Email Contact area.

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