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What does a ROE online account offer?

Your ROE Online Account is where you can write up your cases, then print or save the Rx for your records or to ship with your case. You can also see the status of your cases and send messages. When you log in, be sure to choose what notifications you want to receive in the “Account” section.

How do I set up my ROE Online Account?

Please review our website at to learn more about creating an account and adjusting your settings. If you have any difficulties, please reach out to us!

I need a New Online Account and I’m an existing ROE customer

Email and request an online account and we’ll email you the user name and password. Then you can log in and change them.

Forgot my username or password

ROE does not keep passwords. Usernames are in the API. Open the account, click “connect”, wait, find the user name in the right upper corner called  “Application Code”

To find the password or to reset, must have the email address or user name. Click Forgot Username and reset the password.

Submit button does not show up when uploading

Check to make sure you have added a Product, and that you’ve clicked “OK” after entering the product info. If there are any errors or non-completed cells there will be an error(s) near the “OK” button.

Is there a size limit to uploading files?

  • The portal limits zipped folders to 400 MB
  • The portal limits to the number of files to 20
  • Folders must be zipped

Error “Account Locked”

It means the user entered their password incorrectly 5 times.  In order to unlock it, click forgot password and it will generate an automated password reset email.  If you do not receive an email, ROE will need to check the account to see what email was used to set up the account. Email and request the email on file for your online account.

Error “Account Inactive”

ROE can make a simple adjustment, but we need to be contacted. Either email this error with your online email address included, or call us and we’ll take care of you asap.

Error “Rejected”

Don’t get upset. We are not rejecting you. This probably means that the account under “Defaults” is “Hold” or “Deleted” and is usually just a clerical error on our part. Just let us know and we’ll fix asap.

Error “Cannot communicate with the Laboratory”

Try submitting again every few minutes. This is server issue and is usually resolved quickly. If it does not self correct, then please call us with your user name and password and we’ll get it sorted out.  One trick is to remove the attachments and click submit. If this allows upload, then you can go back in and click “Edit” on this particular case and add the documents.

Cells are Grayed Out and I cannot enter date

This means the case is already uploaded, and the only option now is to add a document. Also, once a case has been submitted, the submit is not available.

What is the Smile Simulation area for?

ROE performs a lot of smile simulations. This is where you add your full face / full smile photograph for simulation.

If I have an online ROE account, but no username, and it states that I never made a username or properly registered through my online account. Where do I go from here?

Please contact ROE’s customer service with your email address and we will research your account and set-up a new user name and password. This may take 24 hours, so if you are in a need to upload your case, please mention this in the call and we’ll provide an alternative method of uploading.

Where online can I order sleeves myself and not have to call in?

You will need to log into your ROE online account. Once logged in under lab products you’ll find the product CBCT Guide Sleeves. You can then choose your specifics (ex/ implant brand and quantity) then place your order. If you do not find the exact information, there is a notes section for more specific parameters such as height, ID (inside diameter), or OD (outside diameter), and specific implant systems and guided kit.

Where do I go to upload a CBCT?

You can upload your CBCT scans in our online portal. If you need help exporting your DICOMS, please view our website at

How do I send you my shade images?

Feel free to send any case images to

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