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Is the long term temp milled or printed?

It is milled. We may have a printed option later, but for best esthetics and tooth strength, we mill from a solid puck.

Is the long term temp reinforced with metal?

We’ve made thousands of these cases and have had very little breakage. We offer metal for a nominal additional cost, in case you forsee a problem with a particular patient, or if the prosthetic is less than 12mm thick. The metal can cause issues during surgery if and implant needs to be moved.

What to do if the temp cylinders are touching the sides of the holes?

First, check implant rotation on angled implants – the best course of action is to rotate the implant until the Temp Cylinder is straight and parallel with the others. This means remove the MUA and use a hand driver to slightly adjust. The implant must be indexed precisely according to the Hex on the Osteotomy Guide for straight temp cylinders. The goal with CHROME is to deliver all parallel Temp Cylinders. This creates simple pick-up at the surgery and ideal screw access in the final. If the Temp Cylinders are going to be picked up in the current tipped position, then adjust the prosthetic slightly to remove the contact. Sometimes the Temp Cylinders can be seated from the top down. In other words, seat the prosthetic on the remaining cylinders and deliver the crooked cylinder from the occlusal hole. If not, again, adjust the shaft of the prosthetic to accommodate. DO not over adjust, need 3mm from shaft to outside of prosthetic.

What if the doctor wanted ports and we did not include them?

Use #4 round bur and drill a hole through to the cylinder

The prosthetic is seated but hitting the posterior or anterior first? Steps to correct? Or adjust the teeth?

Verify that the Carrier Guide is fully seated. If so, can shim a few millimeters and backfill. This will open the bite a little. If very high in the posterior, trim ½ of the pegs to remove resistance and shim halfway to occlusion then adjust the occlusion.

Prosthetic is already thin, and now there has to be a lot of adjustment?

Float the anterior and backfill. If double arch then trim the thicker of the two. Do not reduce to less than 8mm’s of vertical prosthetic material remaining. This very thin! MUST make an analog model with a flask as a back-up. MUST complete the RAPID pick-up to have a means of ordering another prosthetic during the healing time. This could have been observed at the bone reduction time with the Carrier Guide and RAPID or Prosthetic seated for testing. This means it should not be a surprise.

How do you check occlusion if the temp cylinders are too high?

Cut down the cylinders to be flush with the prosthetic.

What is the best tool for adjusting the cylinders?

Bite should have been verified at the RAPID and cylinders can be trimmed after the pick-up is completed. If the doctor wants to test the bite on the conversion prosthetic, then trim the cylinders in the mouth, or remove and trim. Mark with sharpie first. Trim with a 557 Carbide.

How do you modify or add-to your Nano Ceramic long term temp?

You can use powder and liquid monomer materials, other resins, composites.

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