MUA or multi-unit abutment

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What is an MUA or multi-unit abutment?

MUA is an abutment that supports full arch prosthetics. MUA’s are used to coronally place the platform of the implant site, meaning bringing the platform of the implant to the tissue height for ease of cleaning, maintenance, and tissue management. MUA’s must haver screws – one to hold itself to the implants, and a second on top to hold the prosthetic down.

What is an SRA?

SRA is Straumann Group’s term for a multi-unit abutment.

What is a collar height on an MUA?

Collar heights provide the doctor the ability to control where the MUA rests in relation to the tissue. If the implant is placed deep, a taller collar height is ordered. If the implant is shallow, then a lower collar height is used.

How do you know what collar height to order?

This will depend on the thickness of the tissue and depth of the implant. A measurement is taken from the top of the implant to the lowest part of the sulcus. This gives the overall height and then a particular abutment is chosen from the catalog.

Is there a way to not use copings on full arch zirconia?

Yes, with ROE you can order NobelProcera bridges with no copings. This a cleaner more dependable method of delivering and maintaining full arch. No copings mean a more hygienic design and less room for human error. There are limitations.

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