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Do we rent out an impression wand?

  • No we do not, but Dr. John White in Hudson/Northfield/Rocky River is very knowledgeable with scans/scan equipment.
  • ROE has a trios scanner, if the doctor wants to send the patient to ROE for a digital impression scan, notify Dana Pasela she can take them, the price is $75.

What is your warranty on your restorations?

Actions to take:  See warranty chart Scroll to the bottom of the ROE homepage and select “warranty statement”, or copy and paste this link https://roedentallab.com/about-roe/warranty-statement/

Why haven’t I got my supplies? I need a RX label

Typically the supplies requests are filled daily.  If it has been more than a week, the request may have been missed/overlooked.  Obtain all pertinent information and make a new request.erent to hold patient medication in the dental office. They take 3 days in lab to fabricate.

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