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What type of digital impression scanners do you use?

If the case is in the lab now, it is best to call or click the chat and ask about a specific patient. If you are looking for spped on an upcoming case, please give us a ring with what you need. We can usually accommodate with the planning.

What is the difference between IOS + PVS model-free ceramics?

  • Intraoral Scanner (IOS) is when a doctor uses a digital scanner to scan the patient’s mouth and sends the impression digitally.
  • Polyvinyl Siloxane (PVS) is the material used for an impression, so a PVS model-free ceramic is when a doctor sends a physical impression to us and we scan that material and create a digital scan to work with.

What format should the digital impression file be sent in?

STL file

What the difference between modeled and modeless?

Essentially, modeless crowns are made from digital impressions and triple tray PVS impressions. They are lower cost and faster than modeled. Simply scan with your digital impressions or send in your triple trays.

How do I know if the lab has received my case?

Actions to take: Look in LabTrac under documents and the notes to the left – if the files were sent through a 3rd party service (like WeTransfer), it may have been put directly on the M:/ drive, and not in labtrac. This would be noted.

How to check on DDX scans? – upload straight to Labtrac

DDX cases are digital impression scans from a few different scanners. The case is automatically added to LabTrac. Should be able to find the case in LabTrac

How to connect with ROE using 3Shape TRIOS scanner?

Confirm the office is using the email to search for us. There may be 2 or 3 ROE accounts. Look for the one that has assigned to it, click on it, and then confirm request. This always works. If the customer is having more trouble, they should contact their support provider (the company who sold them their scanner), as we have no other level of support on Trios.

If a doctor’s office would like to send a scan through email, can we accept that and where should they send it?

All digital impressions must come through the digital impression portal under the scanner company. If for some reason the portal is down, offices can upload .STL files through our case upload portal: Please create an account if not already set up. The reason for ROE not accepting files through email is it is not HIPAA compliant and also we had to streamline files coming to ROE down to just a few avenues to prevent missed files. The .STL file must be zipped.

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