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How long does it take to make a crown?

For a monolithic material crown – can take up to 5 days. We offer three types:

  • TLZ – the most esthetic (second strongest), cementable
  • Emax – the least strength, bondable
  • Bruxzir – strongest, cementable

For a layered crown it varies. We offer 3 types:

  • Emax Layered – 7 days
  • PFZ (porcelain fused zirconia) – 8 days
  • PFM (porcelain fused metal) – 9 days

There is an exception – if there are 4 or more teeth being made at one time add 2 days to the delivery date on both monolithic and layered crowns

Can you darken the shade of my crown?

  • We can darken a shade on a crown by ½ a shade or 1 full shade.
  • If it needs to be darker than 1 full shade we will need to remake the crown.

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What technique does our lab use in making a partial framework? Do we outsource to China?

We use selective laser melting(SLM). We do NOT outsource to China. This technology utilizes computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) for digital framework design and a laser to fuse metal powder in a layer by layer pattern. Many steps are needed to fabricate a framework using the Conventional Casting technique in comparison with the reduced amount of steps in the SLM technique (mostly digital). This steps reduction can explain the improved adaptation and comfort for the SLM framework by reducing source of discrepancies. Furthermore, the unalterable digital master cast, the precision of the digital surveyor, the absence of refractory cast, the digital framework design and the SLM Co-Cr alloy could play a role on this comfort improvement.

What are the indications and contraindications for the crown materials you offer?

A lot of information can be found on our website, or the manufacturers website. The protocol for a TLZ crown at

Can I work with one ceramist for all of my crown and bridgework?

Although there will not be only one specific ceramist working on your case, there WILL be one specific technical consultant representative who acts as your liaison to the lab and is responsible for the quality control of your cases.

Ceramics – High-Strength – What high strength ceramic systems does B and M use?


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