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What are guided full arch prosthetics made of today?

Full arch immediate load prosthetics are milled PMMA or printed resins. Printed materials are becoming common due to quicker printing time, flexibility with design, shade options increasing, and lower cost of some printers.

What does C2F stand for?

C2F is “Conversion to Final”

What does C2F do for full arch?

Currently, guided full arch prosthetics are picked up during surgery by placing temporary cylinders in the vicinity of large prosthetic holes and then luting the prosthetic to the temp copings. This process leaves the prosthetic with large surface area of flowable resin cemented and perhaps boned. These are areas of weakness and as source for debonding and breakage. This is one of many C2F advantages, as C2F involves and extra-oral conversion and creation of small holes and less bonding area.

What does C2F Conversion to Final?

C2F “small hole technology” is the process of picking up a transfer prosthetic during surgery in the CHROME GuidedSMILE system and transferring it to a special C2F model that has been digitally designed to accept the prosthetic. With the model now indexed, the ROE team drills holes through the take-home prosthetic through patent-pending analogs. This extra-oral drilling delivers 2.5mm holes through the take-home prothetic leading to a stronger prosthetic with preserved idealized occlusion. This process produces a final analog model, a back-up prosthetic called the RAPID appliance, a much stronger prosthetic than others on the market, the ability to quickly articulate the case for bite verification, a method of extra-oral equilibration, and much more.

Do I have to buy anything to start C2F?

ROE developed a kit for the first case. This kit includes the analogs, special screws, blockout rods, a set of cut-down temp copings, and a bur block to keep the components. This kit includes 6 C2F sets, one for each implant in the first case. If a double arch is being surgerized, 12 are required. Once the first case is complete, simply take the kit to the next case and just order the very affordable analogs.

Where can I learn more about C2F?

We have a dedicated web page to educate our customers. We do recommend hiring our team to come chairside for your fist case, but if you are currently involved in full arch conversion, simply visit our web site and watch the videos.

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