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If I have an online ROE account, but no username, and it states that I never made a username or properly registered through my online account. Where do I go from here?

Please contact ROE’s customer service at 800.228.6663 or with your email address and we will research your account and set-up a new user name and password. This may take 24 hours, so if you are in a need to upload your case, please mention this in the message and we’ll provide an alternative method of uploading.

How do we handle cases that are being returned for credit?

When a case is returned, we quickly assess what is needed for the remake or credit. It should be the same day the case is returned. Please email us your name and the patient name and we’ll respond asap

What are the fees for your services and products?

Please see ROE Dental’s fee schedule email

Why am I being charged sales tax, I am tax-exempt.

  • Have you sent ROE a signed tax exempt form?
  • Yes – it should be in the Dr. Master under documents.
  • No – office needs to email ROE the signed form and we can then set up the acct as tax-exempt

I would like to pay my invoice/bill

Let’s complete a credit card form listing the Doctor ID, Dr. Name, Callback number, full credit card number, cvc code, exp, and amount being paid. If you would like to pay with the card on file, please confirm the last 4 digits with them and write the 4 digits down on the slip. If they would like to pay via ACH, please have them fill out an ACH form if they have not already (see Abby if this customer is newly enrolling in ACH), complete a credit card slip stating they would like ACH charged if it is on file.

Notes: We accept credit card, ACH, and check payments

I have questions regarding my invoice/bill

If you would like a copy of an invoice please email

Do we have Autopay?

We have autopay. We offer credit card autopay or ACH autopay. Please give us a call with ACH information or your credit card info and we’ll set you up. Or go to:

Can we put money down on a case?

We accept pre-payments. However, the exact invoice total is difficult to calculate in some cases before it started due to additional parts and shipping.

How to pay for a CBCT scan take at ROE?

The doctor tells ROE who is paying for the scan. The referral given to ROE will state either:

a. If the patient is paying, they pay before the scan is taken. By credit/debit card only. We do not accept DISCOVER/cash/check.

b. If the doctor is paying, download CBCT form by printing it from our website:

What is ACH?

ACH is basically a ‘virtual check’. ACH requires routing number and account number from the customer’s bank account, where ROE withdraws the allowed amount from the customer’s bank account directly. ACHs are designed for high-volume, low-value payments, and charge fees low enough to encourage the transfer of low-value payments. We encourage ACH payments because we avoid credit card interest charges and it makes it easier for the customer to pay.

Benefits of ACH:

  • Convenience. With an automated payment, you don’t have to worry about writing a check, finding a stamp, and getting it into the mail on time. If you travel on business frequently, you also have peace of mind, knowing that your bills are being paid even when you’re away from home.
  • Reduced errors. With an automated payment, you don’t run the risk of forgetting to sign your check or entering the wrong amount.
  • Cost Savings. It is expensive to pay somebody to write checks and for most dentists hiring a part-time person that you trust with your checkbook is a challenge and expensive.
  • No finance charges – Ever!

How does a customer get started?
– The customer needs to complete and sign the ROE US ACH Enroll/Change Form

Why am I being charged for a remake?


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