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How do I obtain prescription forms, mailing labels, and shipping boxes?

Email with your name and address, or give us a call at 800-228-6663 and we can send you our welcome packet with boxes and RX forms. In the meantime, you can find printable prescriptions, UPS labels, and many more helpful tools on our website at

Who can use ROE’s services?

ROE Dental Laboratory has been collaborating with dentists and dental laboratories since 1926. We serve the dental community, including general dentists, specialists, other laboratories, and PPE to the public.

Is it possible to RUSH a case?

Yes! We can expedite a case, but please be advised that additional fees will apply. Click here to see our in-lab production times or feel free to call us to discuss the exact times and fees for a specific case at 800-228-6663

Are materials FDA approved?

We are registered with the FDA as a contract manufacturer of Class I and Class II medical devices and we have thirteen listed devices in our registration, including titanium and hybrid or Ti-base custom abutments.

How do I add ROE Dental Laboratory as a lab provider on my intraoral scanner? What intraoral scanner do you recommend?

We accept digital impressions from all scanners, specifically all Cerec versions, 3Shape Trios, Cadent iTero, Schein E4D, Schein PlanScan/Nevo/Emerald, Carestream CS3600, Medit, 3M Lava TDS, and others. If your system is not listed, you can upload scans via the ROE online portal. Click here to learn more.

Can ROE help me with my scanner?

We are happy to help you as much as we can! Feel free to call us at 800-228-6663 to see if we’re able to assist you with your scanner, but you can always contact the manufacturer as well. Click here to view our online resources on digital scanning.

Do you prefer digital impressions over traditional impressions?

ROE Dental Laboratory is happy to accept both digital and traditional impressions. Nonetheless, there are many opportunities to save both in cost and in time with digital impressions!

What accreditations/certifications or accomplishments has your lab achieved?

ROE is DAMAS Certified, and honor only 0.6% of dental laboratories in the United States have accomplished. Click here to learn more.

Do you outsource any of your work overseas or out of the country?

No, we do not. We are very proud to that our products are 100% manufactured in the United States.

What measures do you take to control cross-contamination between the dental office and the lab?

We have a strict and rigorous opening procedure for all cases in our lab which prevent cross-contamination. If you’d like specifics on the measures we take, give us a call at 800-228-6663 and we’d be happy to discuss the process.

What are the benefits of digital scanning versus traditional impressions?

Digital impressions demonstrate excellent margin capture and visibility, enable faster restorations, facilitate quick fabrication, and contribute to a minimal need for occlusal adjustment in final restorations. This leads to lower lab costs! However, there are some instances where a traditional is still necessary. If you have a specific case in mind, give us a call to discuss your options!

What is your percentage of remakes?

We have a 99% success rate, meaning only 1% of our cases are remakes. Click here to learn more.

When will I receive my case

Please contact us to check on the progress of a case at 800-228-6663

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