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Can we do a repair for a digital 3D printed denture

Digital Dentures are made of standard denture resin, however not all resins are the same today. ROE uses a few types of resins for bases and resins, composites, and even PMMA for the teeth. All of these materials accept resin-based materials and generally light-cured composites for chairside repairs. All materials can be hard or soft relined with either lab or chairside material. There materials are new, however, and do not have long term studies on repairs. Our primary recommended digital denture includes a Lucitone base with traditional cards of teeth. This combination will accept traditional methods of repairing.

Can we replace a digital 3D printed denture

One very nice advantage of Digital Dentures is their reproduceability. We save the files for a few years and can simply print a new denture for a lower fee than the original.

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