Fabricating Custom Surgical Guides for YOUR Implant System

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Hey, it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory, and we are a full service dental lab, and part of that full service is we provide planning services for your implant surgeries, and also we fabricate surgical guides for those surgeries. One of the questions that we get asked the most is, can you fabricate a surgical guide for my implant system? And the answer to that question is always, yes, we can fabricate any implant system, especially if you have your a guided drill kit for that system. That’s the most ideal, way easier for you because you’re used to that guided system. So as going through surgery, there’s not really questions as to your drilling protocol, but if you don’t have a surgical guided surgery kit, then we have a couple different options. The first option is we can provide keys or spoons and drills. So the spoon or the key goes into the surgical guide, and of course the drill’s guided by that specific spoon.

So we can have multiple spoons, multiple drills for the same guide. The second option would be a sleeve in sleeve option. So we have your surgical guide with a metal sleeve in there for the largest diameter drill, and then multiple sleeves that go into each other that have different diameter drills for the drilling protocol. The third option is we can print multiple guides for your surgery. So if you don’t have a guided kit, we can still fabricate 1, 2, 3, 4 guides to get you through your drilling sequence until you place that implant. Along with our planning services, we provide a drill report as well, so depending on your implant system, we’ll have a drill report sent to you with the case and it maps everything out for you on that drill report. If you have any questions on guided or guided services or anything with ROE, leave some comments here in the below comment section. Otherwise, check us out on our website and also please subscribe to our YouTube page. Thank you.


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