Everything You Need to Know about Repairing and Adjusting Valplast Dentures

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In this segment we’re going discuss Valplast and how to adjust and what types of cases we can repair. ROE dental lab has been a Valplast certified lab for many years. Since the late eighties, it was a very unknown product. ROE Dental lab was offering it. Valplast can be repaired in many cases and there are some limitations. If we’re talking about flexible areas, flexing areas here, then really repair is not possible. We can repair, if a patient loses a tooth in a non-flexing area, sometimes this is not available here in this bicuspid right next to an abutment. In these areas, patient loses a tooth, send a case in like a normal repair and we can repair it. If a patient loses a tooth in a flexible area, then it’s either a remake or it’s a jump. We do quite a few jumps. So for chairside adjustment, this is something we get asked about very frequently, very often, because it’s a nylon thermoplastic, which means there are nylon fibers inside the material.

And when you hit it with a diamond or with the incorrect bur, then the little strings start to show up and they’re very hard to remove. If you’re in that situation, you can go back and use this technique. You can also use little bunsen burner. You can use a bar parker to cut those strings off. But the best thing to do is just this one, two step process when adjusting. These burs are from Comet and on this webpage, on the right hand side, you’ll see the Comet catalog and weed it just to these just for the valplast. So when you are making gross adjustments, use these cutters and you could do them at a medium speed, but it’ll remove material as opposed to moving it around. It’ll remove it totally. So maybe some gross reduction with the big one here, and then a little bit more fine points if you need it. And then in order to get that final smooth feel to it, just go back and forth with these acrylic polishers, right? So big flat areas and then a little bit harder to reach areas. And usually this little point here, this tapered wil get to just about any area you need. You can also find these kinds of burs in a little bit narrower rounded end bur design. So I’m sure this will help a lot, answer your questions about adjustments, anytime give ROE Dental Laboratory a call to discuss adjustment techniques. Thank you very much. Have a good day.


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