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Grammetry - Barrier-Breaking Record-Taking!

Grammetry – Barrier-Breaking Record-Taking!

December 20 @ 12:00 am - 5:00 pm
Alan Banks, COO, ROE Dental Laboratory

Photogrammetry is a hot topic in full-arch dentistry, due to its ability to decrease treatment time and provide accurate high-level implant mapping. However, photogrammetry is not without significant challenges. The equipment’s limited utility (i.e. implant position capture only) makes the investment tough to take on. The equipment is usually on backorder, is bulky and DELETE, comes with expensive replacement scan bodies, and is not scalable with multiple offices or concurrent surgeries.

ROE’s Grammetry solution breaks these barriers, providing the same clinical workflow using approved IOS scanners, a simple capture protocol on the day of surgery, the ability to fabricate a physical model (not available through photogrammetry), and is scalable regardless of your number of offices, the number of surgeries, or surgery workflow utilized (e.g. freehand, guided, robotic, etc.

If All-on-X surgery is a significant part of your business this is one webinar, you must attend!

Learning Objectives
  • What is Grammetry and how does it pertain to full arch, immediate load surgery
  • How Grammetry can meet you where you are in your digital and surgical journey
  • What simple records are captured during surgery to order an .stl to print in-office or at the lab
  • How to use this solution to order final full arch zirconia prosthetics
  • Why Grammetry is the solution for same-day all-on-x utilizing free-hand, guided, navigation, or robotics, all to attain a printable prosthesis.
Speaker Bio: Alan Banks

Since 2001, Alan has been employed by ROE, a forward-thinking, digital, international laboratory. Alan runs teams of specialists who provide technical support to general dentists and specialists, specializing in all areas of dental laboratory technology, with a special focus on today’s digital technology and full arch reconstruction. During the past several years he has supported dentists with digital acquisition equipment, CBCT scanners, facilitated the digital handshake between lab and office, supported dental offices with sophisticated GuidedSMILE CHROME surgery, instructed on surgical guide protocols and restorative conversion, and many other lab/office interfaces, and provides in-office support for full arch conversions. He manages R&D projects in various departments of ROE as well as manages all outward communications, which requires him to be up to date on the latest topics of dentistry.

Alan Banks

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