Dual Scan for Doctors – What is it and When to use it?

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Hey, it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and today I am going to explain what a dual scan is, sometimes called dual CBCT scan, sometimes it’s called dual cone beam scan. It’s all the same thing. Now as far as taking a dual scan and the technique on how to do it, we have a video on that. So to learn that, click the card above this is just really to more explain what it is. So when we’re doing guided surgery and especially on a edentulous patient or a patient with just a couple teeth, we have to have a way to kind of figure out their vertical and figure out a bite. And that’s what the dual scan is for. So typically it’s used for a patient’s, their existing denture. As long as it fits good, we can use their existing denture for the dual scan.

If not, we can make you a scan appliance. But why is it a dual scan? Well, we take one scan with the denture in the mouth with some radiopaque markers on it, and then there is a second scan we need for just the appliance itself in the CBCT. So two scans. Now if it’s a double edentulous case, there is a third scan in the dual scan technique. It’ll be patient wearing their appliances. Upper, lower scan, and then we have one scan of the upper and then one scan of the lower. So that’s going to be three scans with the dual scan. For any other questions on guided surgery, dual scan technique, or anything dental laboratory related. Please check us out at our website questions or comments on this video. Put those below and please subscribe to our YouTube page. Thank you.


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