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Digital Workflow in Restorative Dentistry

CDE World | November 27, 2017

Digital workflow in restorative dentistry is making a great impact in expediting dental services, improving the smiles of many patients, and stimulating the passion dentists have for optimizing the patients’ oral health. New dental technologies are beginning to rely on the ability of digital workflow within dentistry to have the patient experience a new discovery. The initial diagnosis and treatment planning phase has benefitted from improvements in digital technologies such as radiographic imaging, digital intraoral impressions, and preoperative photography. These ingredients within the initial diagnostic information-gathering phase can be swiftly delivered to a sophisticated dental laboratory for seamless conversion of the digital data to the finished restorations prescribed by the doctor. Considerable time is reduced, with no longer having to wait for impressions and/or models to set. This article will expound on the steps involved in digital workflow in restorative dentistry while presenting several cases demonstrating the workflow principles. Conversion of analog dentistry into digital dentistry with traditional procedures such an intraoral putty impressions and laboratory-facilitated impression scanning will also be discussed.