Digital IMPACT Denture: the Doctor and Patient Reaction

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We have a new technology from ROE Dental Laboratory, the duplicate denture. All we need is a CBCT, and we can make an exact duplicate of the patient’s denture.

This is our first seating of the patient, so she’s gonna go ahead and remove her existing denture and put in the new one and

Speaker 2
feels exactly the same.

Speaker 1
Oh, all right. Perfect.

I’m here with Dr. Jeffrey Gross from the Healthy Smile Center in Eastlake, Ohio, and we just completed our first duplicate digital denture from ROE Dental Laboratory. And he’s gonna tell us a little bit about the experience the seating and the record taking.

Speaker 3
Chris, thank you so much. This is one of the most exciting procedures I’ve seen in terms of dentures in over my dental history. It allowed me to create an exact duplicate of the patient’s denture in less than a 15 minute appointment. It involved taking a CBCT of her well fitting denture. If the denture needs to be adjusted or reline. We do that accordingly. The fit was perfect. It revolutionized the way I’m making dentures, and in addition to a duplicate, I can also change teeth and change shade. This is definitely a game changer for my practice.

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Thank you.


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