Digital Design Services for Grammetry Full Arch Cases

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Hey, it’s Chris with ROE Dental Laboratory. As you know, we are a full-service dental laboratory, and one of those services that we offer is your digital design services, specifically to do with our great new solution called Grammetry. So, what is Grammetry? It gives you the ability for an immediate load prosthesis to be printed in your office post-surgery that seats direct to multi-unit abutments, using only scan bodies and your intraoral scanner. It’s an awesome new solution for you, and we have some nice digital design services to go along with it on the turnaround times as well. Once you upload all your records to us through our lab portal, we have some different timing options: there’s a two-hour and a four-hour turnaround time. Now those, of course, are both same-day, and we want to make sure that we get you those teeth in time for the patient to leave so you can do your printing and your beautifying of that prosthesis.

Please note on the two and four-hour turnaround times you will need to pre-schedule with us so that we know the scans are coming and we’ll be ready for you. That way you’re not waiting around. We’re going to design a very nice processes for you to print in-office. If you’re NOT going to immediate load, we also have other services for you: there’s a 24-hour turnaround time, a 48-hour turnaround time, and a 96-hour turnaround time. The faster service of course is a little more expensive, but we want to give everyone has options because not everyone wants to immediately load; sometimes it’s a long day for the patients. That’s why we have these multiple options. If you have any questions on Grammetry, we have a whole section on our website about that for you to check out. You can also leave any comments in the comment section below, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn about all the services we offer here at ROE Dental Laboratory. Thank you!


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