Digital Denture Education Series

Ivotion… All that and a Denture Webinar

Presented by Dr. Richard Wilson (July 2023).

Hybrid Digital Dentures: Faster and Better

Presented by BJ Kowalski, CEO, ROE Dental Laboratory (May 2022).

The Three Appointment Digital Denture

Presented by Jimmy Stegall, Procedural Solutions Specialist, Dentsply Sirona (May 2021).

The Pathway to Transition Toward Digital Dentures

Presented by Dr. Frank Lauciello, Director of Removable Prosthodontics Research, Development, & Education for Ivoclar Vivadent (Feb. 2020)

1. Presentation Introduction and Overview

2. Technical Advantages of Digital Dentures

3. Clinical Advantages of Digital Dentures

4. Clinical Workflow: Traditional Wax Rim Bite

5. Clinical Workflow: Impressions & Bite in Dentures

6. Clinical Workflow: Immediate Dentures

7. Clinical Workflow: Direct to Try-In

8. Prescription: Tooth

9. Prescription: Manufacturing Options

10. Prescription: Communication Tools

12. The Bottom Line – Final Thoughts

Additional Digital Denture Presentations

1. Digital Dentures – Today’s Solution for Edentulous Patients

Recorded Tuesday, April 2
Presented by BJ Kowalski, President of ROE Dental Laboratory

BJ Kowalski will share his digital journey, explain the radical changes in complete dentures, and educate on the technology, advantages, and clinical benefits of adopting printed dentures in today’s business of dentistry.

2. DentureGUIDE – The Mid-Market Solution

Recorded Tuesday, April 8
Presented by Akil Alexander, DDS, FAAIP, FICOI

Dr. Akil Alexander presents DentureGUIDETM, a newly developed complete denture / implant surgical guide designed to provide bone reduction, implant placement, attachment pick-up and the immediate denture delivery all in one appointment. This solution allows the practice to offer a more affordable, removable option for patients without the financial resources for the fixed solution.

3. How to Scan a Relined Denture in your Dental Practice

This video will show you the easy steps to take to effectively scan a relined denture in your dental practice.

4. Medit i500 Scanner: How to Scan an Upper and Lower Denture and The Bite

This video will walk through the steps to successfully scan an upper and lower denture and the bite using a Medit i500 scanner.

5. 3Shape Trios Scanner: How to Scan an Upper and Lower Denture and Bite

We have tried a wide range of digital scanning techniques for dentures and historically come up short. Here is our technique on how to digitally scan upper and lower dentures (and the bite) successfully using the 3Shape Trios scanner.