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Hey, it’s Chris with Row Dental Laboratory, and today’s video is going to be on the Mini Comfort, a very unique product, nice mandibular guard, very comfortable to wear. And we have two thicknesses for this guard. One is a one millimeter and one is a 1.5 millimeter thickness. We get questions all the time. Which one is the daytime one? Which one’s the nighttime? Typically, for the daytime use, we have the one millimeter thickness because again, it’s, it’s thinner, flexible, and very easy for the patient to get used to talking during the day. If they’re a pretty heavy grinder, pretty heavy, you can use the 1.5 millimeter during the day too. But typically it’s the one millimeter for the day, and then the nighttime is the 1.5 millimeter mini comfort. And that’s again for Brooking grinding, clenching at night. If they’re a big grinder, this is a soft material.

There’s a chance they could grind and brooks right through it. But that’s going to lead you to another conversation about what options are out there for hard guards, and you can actually find those on our website as well. But for the mini comfort, two options, one millimeter, 1.5 millimeter thickness. Very comfortable during the day, and it can be worn at night as well. Any questions on the mini comfort or any of our products? Check us out at our website, which is listed below. Any questions, you can also address those in the comments. Leave them there and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more about all the products we have out there.


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