ROE Welcome Packet Request Form

Thank you for considering ROE Dental Laboratory. ROE has been serving the dental community since 1926. We are a pioneer in digital dentistry with the majority of our products created/printed digitally. Just because we are digital does not mean that our customers have to be – we accept all traditional records.

Complete the form below to receive a mailed ROE Welcome Packet. Each Welcome Packet includes:

  • ROE Box
  • Complete Fee Schedule
  • Days-in-lab Schedule
  • Product Flyers
  • Introduction to CHROME GuidedSMILE booklet
  • CLEARaline OrthoAligner booklet
  • First-time Use Coupons
  • ROE Rx Pad
  • ROE Magnet
  • ROE Calendar
  • Mailing Labels
  • ROE Notepad
  • 2 x ROE Pens

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