Practice-Based Digital Dentistry

The most recent report from the ADA shows that 53% of dentists currently have an intraoral scanner with the goals of improving clinical efficiency, transitioning to a digital practice, and improving lab communication. Any hesitation concerning getting a scanner is typically around on the initial financial investment, necessary ROI, and learning curve. ROE has resources that address all of these concerns.

Digital impressions eliminate most of the labor and guesswork for dentists. They increase time savings, both during the impression appointment and delivery of the restorations. When used correctly, digital impressions can increase productivity and efficiency and provide a high degree of accuracy. They are extremely convenient, particularly because the impression can be emailed to the dental laboratory rather than sent, as a conventional impression would be, by courier or by mail.

The application of intraoral scanners into every day dental practice enhances the dental and dental hygiene process of care and improves communication between clinician and patient. Digital scans can be easily stored and accessed in the patient’s file and used for interprofessional diagnosis. Although intraoral scanning is regularly used by dentists and laboratories to design and fabricate esthetic and durable restorations while retaining maximum tooth structure, its use among dental hygienists is in its infancy. Chairside intraoral scans allow for immediate viewing of images. CAD/CAM images can be used as a visual aid to improve self-care by demonstrating the health of a patient’s oral cavity.

iTero Element Flex Foundation Scanner

Scanning Services

Simply send ROE your digital or analog records and we will create a ready-to-print .STL file for you to print and finish in-house.

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ROE has partnerships with multiple scanner companies to help you get started on your digital dental journey. Current offerings include:


Photogrammatic Scanning

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How to Scan a Bite Block

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