What is the CHROME GuidedSMILE Prosthesis Workflow?

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This video shows three different prosthetics, three different sets, the rapid appliance that was picked up during surgery, and then the patient came for the final restoration and the rapid appliances were seated, equilibrated, and a bite was captured and sent in for printed tryin. And at the printed tryin stage, the doctor took x-rays and found that the terminal two sites were not seating properly and that there was a little bit of a rock. So the doctors sectioned those two components, those two sections, and screwed three sections into the mouth and had a gap and then carefully used a stellar material and attached them in the mouth. So it’s a perfect fit verification jig. And then did a little bit of equilibration, did a little of equilibration overall, just to make sure the case was perfect and then sent the case in for final restorations.

And you notice on this case that there is a lower mono monolithic monochromatic, and the upper has pink. We charge a little more for the pink, but then the patient can really visualize the aesthetics. So sectioned, picked up bite registration in the equilibration reline impression if necessary. But really this should be really be ready to go intimate with the tissue. So that’s returned. And then we go to a final restoration. So this is a nice chrome case that’s had just had the normal process from rapid, tryin and final, but just had the little twist of having to dissection to make sure that it’s a hundred percent passive.


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