CHROME GuidedSMILE Testimonial: Dr. Ferguson

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Speaker 1: 00:08
I am here today with Dr. Ferguson in the Woodlands, Houston, Texas. Dr. Ferguson did a maxillary arch six implants, Nobel Biocare with CHROME GuidedSMILE. Dr. Ferguson, how was your experience with your first case?

Speaker 2: 00:25
It was very efficient. Very efficient. Yeah. Everything was, you know, having done many cases by freehand, this was certainly my first guided case in ten plus years, but it went as efficiently as I could hope. So very pleased.

Speaker 1: 00:41
And was your outcome what you expected?

Speaker 2: 00:44
It was, it was and especially the aesthetics, but the surgical procedure was absolutely smooth. There was no surprises.

Speaker 1: 00:53
Awesome, awesome. We appreciate your candidness with us and thank you for having us here today chairside, and we look forward to many more cases.

Speaker 2: 01:03
Thank you. I look forward to it as well.


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