Acquiring Records Using Intraoral Scanner vs Lab Scanner

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Hey, it’s Chris from ROE Dental Laboratory and today we’re discussing the topic of Grammetry, and specifically the acquisition of records using a digital intraoral scanner. Now, we also have previously mentioned using a lab scanner where you pop the OptiSplint in and scan. Please know that you don’t need the lab scanner, especially for your initial day of surgery records. Simply use your intraoral scanner to scan the fiducials in the mouth and then you’ll loot the OptiSplint, seat them on the multi-units, lute the OptiSplint together, unscrew, and remove, setting the OptiSplint on the desktop next to you. Once removed, you scan it with your intraoral scanner, getting us the records we need to make you a perfect fitting, direct to multi-unit abutment restoration.

Fast forward to the restorative side of things, when you’re going to your zirconia. That’s where you have two options: the first is to send us the OptiSplint in the mail. You can print off a UPS label from our website for free, pop it in the mail, send it to us, and then we are going to go to a final using the OptiSplint. We’re gonna put it in our lab scanner, scan it, and then go to final. The lab scanner is more accurate, of course, than your intraoral scanner, so that’s why we recommend either sending it to us or if you want to remain completely digital or don’t want to have to worry about something not getting to us, being delayed because of UPS or shipping back and forth, you can just purchase a lab scanner and then pop the OptiSplint in, do the 360-degree scan, send that to us, and then from there we’re going to have very, VERY accurate records without physically sending the OptiSplint to us.

So yes, you don’t NEED a lab scanner, but it’s helpful, especially on the day of surgery. For any questions, go ahead and leave them in the comment section below and we’ll get right back to you. You can also check us out on our website, specifically our Grammetry page, and also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to find out the latest and greatest in lab technology. Thank you!


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