Submit your Dental Business Idea

Need help with a new dental business idea?

It is challenging to bring a new product to the marketplace by yourself. Typically inventors are doing this while working a day job. Resources can be tight. Feedback is rare. Product development can take years. What if ROE could help you with all of that?

ROE invites you to submit your idea for support. We offer:

  • Skilled designers and knowledgeable dental professionals across many spectrums
  • Latest software and technology
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • Dedicated teams of KOLs for product testing and refining
  • Plus much more…

We can help you create a better product, shave years off your product development time, and provide you with a direct path to potential customers.

What does ROE get out of this partnership?

In this partnership, you will maintain ownership of the product and any associated IP. ROE wants to get in on the ground floor so that we can bring innovation to our customers first. There would be an agreed-upon exclusivity and profit-sharing arrangement for once the product is able to go to market. All of this fits with our deep-seated ethos of innovation, education, and putting our customers first.

How this works

It’s a very simple process;

  • Submit your idea via the form below.
  • Our team of dental professionals will review the idea and provide feedback within 2-4 business days.
  • Upon positive feedback, we will set up a phone call with you to discuss the idea further
  • If everyone is in agreement to move forward the appropriate contracts/NDAs will be drawn up to protect everyone involved.
  • After this, we will assign you physical and technological resources to aid in your development process

Has ROE done this before with other products?

ROE has a proven track record of successfully helping bring innovative dental products to the marketplace. We have sold tens of thousands of miniComforts, CHROME GuidedSMILE, OptiSplints, etc. Working in partnership with the inventors we have:

  • Product Development: Enhanced product effectiveness with new manufacturing techniques, materials, and applications.
  • Process Development: Developed new processes that simplify product usage increasing the ease of dental community adoption.
  • Research and Design: Continued the research and design by having ROE KOLs use the product and provide valuable developmental feedback.
  • Educational Materials: Created multimedia educational materials that detail when, how, and where to implement these new products.
  • Marketing: Launched new products through press releases, advertising, webinars, live events, digital marketing, product books, video, etc.

Dental Business Idea Submission Form

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