LabTech Dental Laboratory

LabTech Dental Laboratory is now part of the ROE Dental Laboratory Family

All of us at ROE Dental Laboratory are excited to have Dave Mobley CDT and his team at LabTech Dental lab join our company. We are equally excited about having you join us as a client! ROE offers a comprehensive line of fixed, removable and implant services, along with patented splints and sophisticated CBCT surgical guides. All products are hand crafted here in the US.  We believe you will find this merger will result in an even greater lab partner for you.

Dave will continue to provide oversight of your cases and will be available for consult, providing you the high-level of service you have come to expect. This will be enhanced with additional technology, talent and product lines.

Enclosed please find information regarding our many services. From our website,, you can create an online account, and upload and access your cases. We have also enclosed shipping boxes and UPS labels. For local pickup service or support our number is 800-228-6663, Dave can also be reached at this number.

We look forward to partnering with your practice.


BJ Kowalski
President, ROE Dental Laboratory