ROE at Jamestown, New York

ROE Jamestown Dental Laboratory

In 1979, Jamestown Dental Lab, was incorporated and went from a crown and bridge lab, formally Artistic Dental Lab, to a full service lab.

In 1998, previous employees John  Silo and Henry Leworthy became the new owners and formed Jamestown Dental  Lab, LLC.

In 2000, due to a new development, the Lab was relocated to the former Dickies Donut Shop, located at 1115 E 2nd Street.  A total renovation took place to get the former donut shop transformed into a dental lab and in a short 10 months, Jamestown Dental Lab, LLC moved into its new location without missing a day of service to their clients.

The lab continued to operate at this location for another 18+ years, until Jamestown Dental Lab, LLC began a new partnership with ROE Dental Laboratory in September of 2018. The core personnel that make up the Jamestown branch under both labs have worked side by side for many years.

Important Contact Information

ROE Jamestown Dental Laboratory
1115 E 2nd St.
Jamestown, NY 14701

Local: 716.664.9032

Hours of Operation

Monday                    8AM–5PM
Tuesday                   8AM–5PM
Wednesday             8AM–5PM
Thursday                 8AM–5PM
Friday                       8AM–5PM
Saturday                  Closed
Sunday                    Closed

Leaders at Jamestown

Wendy Hess

Wendy Hess
Business Manager 

Wendy has an Associate’s degree in business with a medical background, along with a computer technology degree and a phlebotomy certificate. She has worked at the lab for over 6 years as the office manager and has had several years of experience as a leader and customer care from previous jobs. She is currently the lab manager and operations and production coordinator at the Jamestown branch. In addition to the daily operations, which include case entry, invoicing, shipping, and receiving, she has also had on-the-job training and is familiar with CAD design, and will assist in waxing and other duties throughout the lab. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her three children and 5 grandchildren.

Staff Photographs

Staff at ROE Dental Laboratory Jamestown
ROE dental Lab Jamestown
ROE Jamestown staff working
ROE dental lab staff in Jamestown New York
ROE Dental Lab staff Jamestown
ROE Dental Laboratory, Jamestown, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain prescription forms, mailing labels, and shipping boxes?

Email with your name and address, or give us a call at 800-228-6663 and we can send you our welcome packet with boxes and RX forms. In the meantime, you can find printable prescriptions, UPS labels, and many more helpful tools on our website at

Who can use ROE’s services?

ROE Dental Laboratory has been collaborating with dentists and dental laboratories since 1926. We serve the dental community, including general dentists, specialists, other laboratories, and PPE to the public.

Is it possible to RUSH a case?

Yes! We can expedite a case, but please be advised that additional fees will apply. Click here to see our in-lab production times or feel free to call us to discuss the exact times and fees for a specific case at 800-228-6663

Are materials FDA approved?

We are registered with the FDA as a contract manufacturer of Class I and Class II medical devices and we have thirteen listed devices in our registration, including titanium and hybrid or Ti-base custom abutments.

How do I add ROE Dental Laboratory as a lab provider on my intraoral scanner? What intraoral scanner do you recommend?

We accept digital impressions from all scanners, specifically all Cerec versions, 3Shape Trios, Cadent iTero, Schein E4D, Schein PlanScan/Nevo/Emerald, Carestream CS3600, Medit, 3M Lava TDS, and others. If your system is not listed, you can upload scans via the ROE online portal. Click here to learn more.

Can ROE help me with my scanner?

We are happy to help you as much as we can! Feel free to call us at 800-228-6663 to see if we’re able to assist you with your scanner, but you can always contact the manufacturer as well. Click here to view our online resources on digital scanning.

Do you prefer digital impressions over traditional impressions?

ROE Dental Laboratory is happy to accept both digital and traditional impressions. Nonetheless, there are many opportunities to save both in cost and in time with digital impressions!

What accreditations/certifications or accomplishments has your lab achieved?

ROE is DAMAS Certified, and honor only 0.6% of dental laboratories in the United States have accomplished. Click here to learn more.

Do you outsource any of your work overseas or out of the country?

No, we do not. We are very proud to that our products are 100% manufactured in the United States.

What measures do you take to control cross-contamination between the dental office and the lab?

We have a strict and rigorous opening procedure for all cases in our lab which prevent cross-contamination. If you’d like specifics on the measures we take, give us a call at 800-228-6663 and we’d be happy to discuss the process.

What are the benefits of digital scanning versus traditional impressions?

Digital impressions demonstrate excellent margin capture and visibility, enable faster restorations, facilitate quick fabrication, and contribute to a minimal need for occlusal adjustment in final restorations. This leads to lower lab costs! However, there are some instances where a traditional is still necessary. If you have a specific case in mind, give us a call to discuss your options!

What is your percentage of remakes?

We have a 99% success rate, meaning only 1% of our cases are remakes. Click here to learn more.

When will I receive my case

Please contact us to check on the progress of a case at 800-228-6663

If I have an online ROE account, but no username, and it states that I never made a username or properly registered through my online account. Where do I go from here?

Please contact ROE’s customer service at 800.228.6663 or with your email address and we will research your account and set-up a new user name and password. This may take 24 hours, so if you are in a need to upload your case, please mention this in the message and we’ll provide an alternative method of uploading.

How do we handle cases that are being returned for credit?

When a case is returned, we quickly assess what is needed for the remake or credit. It should be the same day the case is returned. Please email us your name and the patient name and we’ll respond asap

What are the fees for your services and products?

Please see ROE Dental’s fee schedule email

Why am I being charged sales tax, I am tax-exempt.

  • Have you sent ROE a signed tax exempt form?
  • Yes – it should be in the Dr. Master under documents.
  • No – office needs to email ROE the signed form and we can then set up the acct as tax-exempt

I would like to pay my invoice/bill

Let’s complete a credit card form listing the Doctor ID, Dr. Name, Callback number, full credit card number, cvc code, exp, and amount being paid. If you would like to pay with the card on file, please confirm the last 4 digits with them and write the 4 digits down on the slip. If they would like to pay via ACH, please have them fill out an ACH form if they have not already (see Abby if this customer is newly enrolling in ACH), complete a credit card slip stating they would like ACH charged if it is on file.

Notes: We accept credit card, ACH, and check payments

I have questions regarding my invoice/bill

If you would like a copy of an invoice please email

Do we have Autopay?

We have autopay. We offer credit card autopay or ACH autopay. Please give us a call with ACH information or your credit card info and we’ll set you up. Or go to:

Can we put money down on a case?

We accept pre-payments. However, the exact invoice total is difficult to calculate in some cases before it started due to additional parts and shipping.

How to pay for a CBCT scan take at ROE?

The doctor tells ROE who is paying for the scan. The referral given to ROE will state either:

a. If the patient is paying, they pay before the scan is taken. By credit/debit card only. We do not accept DISCOVER/cash/check.

b. If the doctor is paying, download CBCT form by printing it from our website:

What is ACH?

ACH is basically a ‘virtual check’. ACH requires routing number and account number from the customer’s bank account, where ROE withdraws the allowed amount from the customer’s bank account directly. ACHs are designed for high-volume, low-value payments, and charge fees low enough to encourage the transfer of low-value payments. We encourage ACH payments because we avoid credit card interest charges and it makes it easier for the customer to pay.

Benefits of ACH:

  • Convenience. With an automated payment, you don’t have to worry about writing a check, finding a stamp, and getting it into the mail on time. If you travel on business frequently, you also have peace of mind, knowing that your bills are being paid even when you’re away from home.
  • Reduced errors. With an automated payment, you don’t run the risk of forgetting to sign your check or entering the wrong amount.
  • Cost Savings. It is expensive to pay somebody to write checks and for most dentists hiring a part-time person that you trust with your checkbook is a challenge and expensive.
  • No finance charges – Ever!

How does a customer get started?
– The customer needs to complete and sign the ROE US ACH Enroll/Change Form

Why am I being charged for a remake?


What does a ROE online account offer?

Your ROE Online Account is where you can write up your cases, then print or save the Rx for your records or to ship with your case. You can also see the status of your cases and send messages. When you log in, be sure to choose what notifications you want to receive in the “Account” section.

How do I set up my ROE Online Account?

Please review our website at to learn more about creating an account and adjusting your settings. If you have any difficulties, please reach out to us!

I need a New Online Account and I’m an existing ROE customer

Email and request an online account and we’ll email you the user name and password. Then you can log in and change them.

Forgot my username or password

ROE does not keep passwords. Usernames are in the API. Open the account, click “connect”, wait, find the user name in the right upper corner called  “Application Code”

To find the password or to reset, must have the email address or user name. Click Forgot Username and reset the password.

Submit button does not show up when uploading

Check to make sure you have added a Product, and that you’ve clicked “OK” after entering the product info. If there are any errors or non-completed cells there will be an error(s) near the “OK” button.

Is there a size limit to uploading files?

  • The portal limits zipped folders to 400 MB
  • The portal limits to the number of files to 20
  • Folders must be zipped

Error “Account Locked”

It means the user entered their password incorrectly 5 times.  In order to unlock it, click forgot password and it will generate an automated password reset email.  If you do not receive an email, ROE will need to check the account to see what email was used to set up the account. Email and request the email on file for your online account.

Error “Account Inactive”

ROE can make a simple adjustment, but we need to be contacted. Either email this error with your online email address included, or call us and we’ll take care of you asap.

Error “Rejected”

Don’t get upset. We are not rejecting you. This is an internal issue and probably means that the account is set to “Hold” or “Deleted” and is usually just a clerical error on our part. Just let us know and we’ll fix asap.

Error “Cannot communicate with the Laboratory”

Try submitting again every few minutes. This is server issue and is usually resolved quickly. If it does not self correct, then please call us with your user name and password and we’ll get it sorted out.  One trick is to remove the attachments and click submit. If this allows upload, then you can go back in and click “Edit” on this particular case and add the documents.

Cells are Grayed Out and I cannot enter date

This means the case is already uploaded, and the only option now is to add a document. Also, once a case has been submitted, the submit is not available.

What is the Smile Simulation area for?

ROE performs a lot of smile simulations. This is where you add your full face / full smile photograph for simulation.

If I have an online ROE account, but no username, and it states that I never made a username or properly registered through my online account. Where do I go from here?

Please contact ROE’s customer service with your email address and we will research your account and set-up a new user name and password. This may take 24 hours, so if you are in a need to upload your case, please mention this in the call and we’ll provide an alternative method of uploading.

Where online can I order sleeves myself and not have to call in?

You will need to log into your ROE online account. Once logged in under lab products you’ll find the product CBCT Guide Sleeves. You can then choose your specifics (ex/ implant brand and quantity) then place your order. If you do not find the exact information, there is a notes section for more specific parameters such as height, ID (inside diameter), or OD (outside diameter), and specific implant systems and guided kit.

Where do I go to upload a CBCT?

You can upload your CBCT scans in our online portal. If you need help exporting your DICOMS, please view our website at

How do I send you my shade images?

Feel free to send any case images to

How do I schedule a pickup

When you choose ROE, pick-up and delivery is just a phone call 800 228 6663 #1, or email away – We’ll handle your case anywhere in the country by selecting a courier that is most convenient for your office. To request a pick-up, call the laboratory phone number.

Do you deliver and pick up locally?

Yes! We use a courier service for local doctors. Please contact us at 800-228-6663 to get started.

What is the best way to pack a case for shipping to ROE?

As carefully as possible! Please be sure to disinfect all necessary items (impressions, bites, etc) and bag them if possible. All models should be wrapped as best as they can. Items should be secured and prevented from moving in the box during transit.

What is ROE’s shipping procedure?

ROE ships cases via courier or UPS/FedEx depending on your location, with maximum delivery/receiving day of two days.

Do you do pick-up and deliver for local dentists?

Yes! We use a courier service for local doctors. Please contact us at 800-228-6663 to get started, or email .

What shipping methods do you use?

ROE ships cases via courier or UPS/FedEx depending on your location, with maximum delivery/receiving day of two days.

How do I ship cases and what are the fees involved?

We do charge shipping costs, you can contact us to learn more about those costs. You can prepare your shipment utilizing the tools at

Do you charge for pickup & delivery?

We do charge shipping costs, you can contact us to learn more about those costs. You can prepare your shipment utilizing the tools at

When is the earliest time I can get a case returned?

If the case is in the lab now, it is best to call or click the chat and ask about a specific patient. If you are looking for speed on an upcoming case, please give us a ring with what you need. We can usually accommodate with the planning.

Expedite a case – Can I and how much will it be?

Yes, we can expedite cases. We have a fee for this so that you know exactly what to charge the patient. All costs are based on how many days are requested off of standard fabrication time and what is being fabricated. In other words, if the case takes 6 days to fabricate and you’d like it in only 4, we calculate based on 4 days.

How can I print an Rx and UPS label from ROE’s website?

Sure, no problem. If you are in front of a computer go to and hover over “working with ROE”, click on instructions, RX’s and Forms. The RX’s will be located at the bottom of the page. Select Fixed, Removable, etc. Here is the link:

Go to and click on “Download UPS label” on the top of the screen. Then click on UPS shield, once you’ve clicked that you will be brought to a UPS guest login screen. Select I’m not a robot, you will then be able to put your information in and print the label. Here is the link:


What is the warranty policy?

Our warranty statement can be viewed at

What is ROE’s shipping policy?

Our shipping is dependent on our contracted courier services (UPS, FedEx) and are subject to their terms. Cases are typically delivered within two days.

What is our remake policy?

Our remakes are dependent our refunds and warranty policies – you can view them at

Do you have a return/exchange/refund policy?

Yes we do! Learn about our refunds & remakes policy at

ROE Turnaround times

Click here to see our production times and contact us with any questions.

What’s your turnaround time for single unit cases?

For monolithic crowns, our production times range from 3 – 5 days in the lab depending on impressions/models.

What’s your turnaround time for implant cases?

The production times for our implant crowns range from 4 to 12 days in lab depending on what needs fabricated.

How long do an iJIG and Printed Try-In take?

An iJIG and the subsequent Printed Try-In take 7 days in lab. We send a 3D Preview to your email for your approval. This can add time to the overall case production, waiting for a response, approval, or changes.

What is the process for getting a reline and can you do them the same day?

Once we receive the denture to be relined, the complete process takes 6 hours to be completed and yes, of course, we can do the same day if you are local and you need a hard reline only.

Note: Same day relines need to be picked up at their office no later than 9:15 am to give the courier at least one hour to get back to ROE. Delivery can be no earlier than 4:30 pm on relines.

How much time to fabrication a traditional implant-supported hybrid denture?

These cases have multiple steps – here are the in-lab production times:

  • 3 days bite block and fit the jig
  • 4 days tooth set-up
  • 8 days bar with set-up
  • 4 days reset if needed
  • 4 days to final process

Please give us a call to discuss for more details.

What material can immediate dentures be made from and what is the turnaround time?

Today, immediate dentures are printed from digital designs. Materials range in costs and strength. If you want an inexpensive immediate, we suggest our IMPACT Denture Economy.
The IMPACT Denture Economy can be relined and will last during the healing phase and beyond. It will accept reline material, but it is not the same type of long-term reline as our IMPACT Denture Premium, a printed Lucitone base with cards of teeth. The IMPACT Denture Premium is a little more expensive and can be a final denture for immediate use. ROE may fabricate with a bite block, bite and opposing. This is the future of digital dentures! We also fabricate traditional dentures, but our default on immediate is digital.

Can you fabricate a complete denture in Valplast?

We cannot. There is too much shrinkage in a full palate case. Valplast is limited to partial dentures, flippers, and unilaterals.