ROE at Jamestown, New York

ROE Jamestown Dental Laboratory

In 1979, Jamestown Dental Lab, was incorporated and went from a crown and bridge lab, formally Artistic Dental Lab, to a full service lab.

In 1998, previous employees John  Silo and Henry Leworthy became the new owners and formed Jamestown Dental  Lab, LLC.

In 2000, due to a new development, the Lab was relocated to the former Dickies Donut Shop, located at 1115 E 2nd Street.  A total renovation took place to get the former donut shop transformed into a dental lab and in a short 10 months, Jamestown Dental Lab, LLC moved into its new location without missing a day of service to their clients.

The lab continued to operate at this location for another 18+ years, until Jamestown Dental Lab, LLC began a new partnership with ROE Dental Laboratory in September of 2018. The core personnel that make up the Jamestown branch under both labs have worked side by side for many years.

Important Contact Information

ROE Jamestown Dental Laboratory
1115 E 2nd St.
Jamestown, NY 14701

Local: 716.664.9032

Hours of Operation

Monday                    8AM–5PM
Tuesday                   8AM–5PM
Wednesday             8AM–5PM
Thursday                 8AM–5PM
Friday                       8AM–5PM
Saturday                  Closed
Sunday                    Closed

Leaders at Jamestown

Deborah Damcott

Deborah Damcott
Customer Manager

Debbie has an Associates's degree from Erie Community College School of Dental Technology and has been employed at the lab for over 34 years. She is a CDT, has trained at Straumann Center for Cad Design/Implants, and is a member of the ROE CHROME GuidedSMILE Surgery team. She had worked in the crown and bridge department for several years and is currently the lab manager and technical advisor for doctors and staff at the Jamestown branch. Her duties include doing denture set-ups, ordering supplies, discussing cases with doctors and/or staff, assisting with Labtrac case entries, and invoicing when needed. In her free time, Debbie also enjoys spending time with her husband and her children, ages 22 & 27.

Wendy Hess

Wendy Hess, CDT
Business Manager 

Wendy has an Associate’s degree in business with a medical background, along with a computer technology degree and a phlebotomy certificate. She has worked at the lab for over 6 years as the office manager and has had several years of experience as a leader and customer care from previous jobs. She is currently the lab manager and operations and production coordinator at the Jamestown branch. In addition to the daily operations, that include case entry, invoicing, shipping and receiving, she has also had on the job training and is familiar with CAD design and will assist in waxing and other duties throughout the lab. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her three children and 5 grandchildren.

Staff Photographs

Staff at ROE Dental Laboratory Jamestown
ROE dental Lab Jamestown
ROE Jamestown staff working
ROE dental lab staff in Jamestown New York
ROE Dental Lab staff Jamestown
ROE Dental Laboratory, Jamestown, NY

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