Leaders at ROE

With a dedicated focus on continuing education, ROE is training dental and business leaders every day. These internal leaders will push ROE to maintain its innovative position in the dental community. While we wait for them to take over the business here are the current leaders at ROE.

Executive Leadership

BJ Kowalski


BJ works diligently to set and maintain the high standards of quality and professionalism that are the hallmark of ROE Dental Laboratory. Together with our talented and experienced staff, he makes certain we are continuously improving the art and science of the restorations and appliances delivered from ROE. He never lets the ROE team forget that our customers are the reason we’re here – that our success depends upon the success of the clients we serve.

Alan Banks


Alan wears many hats at ROE. As CCO he ensures that our clients are informed of the many services and products ROE offers. Alan also coordinates continuing education courses and seminars, co-writes our ROE Reports newsletter, contributes to technical support and office communication, maintains our online resources, and much more. Please feel free to call or email Alan to discuss our services.

Joe Royer, CDT


Joe has been a team member since he was a teenager (since 1994). His incredible knowledge, experience and work-ethic have thrust operations far into the 21st century. Joe is involved in all areas of the business from manufacturing operations, employee education and training as well as trying to make everyone happier and more efficient.

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