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Esthetic Clasps - available for flexiable partials, conventional frames, even repairs

Tooth color clasps and clear clasps and frames are more rigid and retentive their nylon counterpart. The are easy to integrate into a new partial casting or to upgrade an existing partial denture. Some say it's better than chrome, because they rarely require ongoing adjustments.

These materials are stronger than acrylic -strong enough for tooth-supported appliances, and acetal resinthey maintain vertical dimension. What's more, they are biocompatible and monomer free, with no known allergic reactions.

They can also be more comfortable and clasps can set deeper into undercuts for better retention. Thermoplastics are more stain and bacteria -resistant than acrylic. Slick-surfaced acetal leaves no place for bacteria to reside.

When your patient is asking for natural looking partials, add a tooth or tissue colored clasps

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