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Implant Seating Jig - Facilitate Quick and Accurate Seating

Many cementable implant systems are designed to accommodate the abutment in SEVERAL different positions.
dental implant seating jig

Laboratory-prepared implant abutments are created to seat into the implant in only ONE position. There have been rare occasions, however, when an abutment has been seated in the implant incorrectly. We have addressed this potential problem. As a chairside guide to accurately orient the abutment, we place a retention groove on the buccal surface of the casting, whenever applicable.

Now, as an additional safeguard, to prevent this problem from ever happening again we prepare a composite seating jig that will simply and correctly locate the proper position of the abutment. This additional complimentary service will eliminate the problem of implant abutments being seated in the wrong position.


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