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Full Dentures: ESP - Esthetic Simplified Predictable

Fabricating full dentures for the edentulous patient can be a challenging task. In fact, the lack of predictable success has caused many dentists to be reluctant to even accept denture patients. With the assistance of our friends at Ivoclar, we have perfected a system for the successful fabrication of full dentures, the ESP (Esthetic Simplified Predictable) Denture Technique. Our process will dramatically improve the resuguide rite implant stentlts of full dentures with virtually no new chairside procedures. Our customers receive process Ivocap final bases at the bite registration appointment allowing you to verify the final fit and comfort of the denture early in the process.

The Horizontal Average Plane Guide is used to accurately mount the casts. Mechanical verification of balanced occlusion with the Stratos 200 articulation system Tissue models (duplicate master casts) ensure the accuracy of the denture boarders. Ivocap premium injection denture processing eliminates errors and porosity. Custom staining and gingival blanching is available upon request. Lingualized Occlusion is our standard.

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