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Vol 28 No 1 Jan 13 Newsletter

    Expanded Zirconia
    Transmucosal Abutments
    Bite for Splints
    Trebecular Metal
    Valplast Update
    Idientify Implants on Line

Vol 27 No 4 Oct 12 Newsletter

    CAD/CAM Provisionals
    Zirconia & Phosphates Don't Mis
    Digital Impressions Now Affordable
    Efficient All-On-4 Conversions
    Bites of Interest

Vol 27 No 3 July 12 Newsletter

    Twin Clasp Technique
    Comfort H/S Update
    AlginX Ultra
    Bites of Interest
    Troubleshooting Pontics
    Emax Update
    New Zirconia Wear Studies

Vol 27 No 2 April 12 Newsletter

    Zirconia Cement Update
    Komet Bur Kit
    Lucia Jig
    Midline Discrepancy
    Cosmetic Acrylic Mock-up
    All-on-4 Support

Vol 27 No 1 Jan 12 Newsletter

    All in One Pricing
    Implant Supported Denture Process
    Refresh Partials
    Z-System Impalants
    Komet Polishers
    Digtal Impressions for Implants

Vol 26 No 4 Oct 11 Newsletter

    Hyrbrid Bar Designs
    Restorative Steps for Hybrids & Overdentures
    Comfort H/S Splints
    Fiber Force
    Digital Archive
    Gradia Gingival Tinting
    Easy Abutemtns

Vol 26 No 3 July 11 Newsletter

    TLZ vs BruxZr
    Zaag Attachment
    Bites of Interest
    Posterior Proximal Contours & Contacts ROE Standards

Vol 26 No 2 April 11 Newsletter

    Real A2 Stand Up
    OHIO Tax Risk
    Bites of Interest
    Zirconia Up 200%

Vol 26 No 1 Jan 11 Newsletter

    IRIS Digital Laboratory Process
    Crowns for LifeTM
    New Columbus Branch
    Bites of Intereste
    Premium Partial Denture
    CT Guide Update

Vol 25 No 4 Oct 10 Newsletter

    Snap on Smile
    Abutment Level Implant Bar
    Screw-Retained Implant Crowns - Come Back
    Pontic Design
    Full Gold Crowns - Lower Cost
    eMax Update

Vol 25 No 3 July 10 Newsletter

    ROE Premium Denture
    New Kleer Veneer Cement
    Full Contour Zirconia Crowns
    Valplast Update
    Big Case Check List

Vol 25 No 2 April 10 Newsletter

    Clon3d Digital Impressions
    Socket Preservation Roger Hess DDS
    Partial Dentures Part III

Vol 25 No 1 Jan 10 Newsletter

    Partial Dentures Part II
    Isotropic Bites of Interest
    Expedited Service
    Bites of Interest

Vol 24 No 4 Oct 09 Newsletter

    Partial Dentures Part I
    BlueSkyPlan free implant planning software
    Sensable CAD Partials
    Atlantis Abutment Update
    Digital Impressions

Vol 24 No 3 July 09 Newsletter

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