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ROE is a full service dental laboratory that has been building long-term partnerships with dentists for more than 80 years. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians is dedicated to providing the quality and service necessary to maximize patient satisfaction and minimize chairtime.

Our goal is to provide functional and aesthetic restorations indistinguishable from natural dentition. We are proud to be a valuable member of the dental team.

Please explore our new web site and contact us to discuss any of our services. We are here to serve you.



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Check Out What's New And Exciting 2014



Join ROE In Celebrating DAMAS Approvalcase pick up iphone android

During the past 3 years ROE has dedicated countless man hours at great expense to pursue and achieve the dental laboratory industry equivelent of FDA approval. There are very few labs in the world with this certification. Clear here to learn more.


RTS - ROE Technology Servicescase pick up iphone android

Do you need a dependable, knowledgeable teamate to service your IT needs? ROE now offers IT to denists in NE Ohio. Call 330-416-3449 for a free evaluation. Click here for a .pdf info sheet.



Use Your Smart Phone to Send a Pick-Up Noticecase pick up iphone android

Follow our simple instructions to set up your smart phone to send us an email each time you have a pick up. Click to the right.




$69 Heat -n- Seat CLEARsplintcase pick up iphone android

In only two days in-lab you can receive an affordable splint that is quick to seat, very clear, and comfortable for your patient. With CLEARsplint you just Heat -n- Seat.



Prettau Bridge ( TLZ-IB )case pick up iphone android

Today you can order a full-contour zirconia, full arch, screw-retained bridge. No more teeth popping off, no more acrylic fractures, and yes highly esthetic! If you only have 10mm of vertical space you can restore with this amazing product!


Avadent Digital Dentureavadent digital dentures

Restore your dentures in just two appointments! Think how happy patients will be when they hear two appiontments, as apposed to 5+. Set you practice apart with ROE's denture services.